Saturday, October 24, 2015


Another wordy post...
Canyonlands National Park. IG: @milesandlove | by @milesandlove
(Before I start, how amazing is this picture by milesandlove?! The whole photostream is breathtaking, really) 
I just don't get something. Why do I go to a school where the only things to do on a weekend are partying or laying in bed staring at the wall?! Why isn't there a happy medium?! I hate drinking and partying and don't understand why there isn't a single person on this campus that wants to spend a Friday night just watching a movie or playing Cards Against Humanity. Or literally anything else!
This morning I got up, got breakfast, wrote a paper, started my laundry, and rented some movies from the library ALL before my roommate even woke up. I'm all for sleeping in, but how is that fun? Now it's 2 pm and she's still laying in bed. I'm just tired of being around drunk slobs all the time.
I feel like that was a bit of a pointless rant, but bottom line is, I'm so excited to transfer. I say that in every single post I write, but this seals the deal.
I feel like such a mess right now. There's so much going on in my head and I just feel like this school is the last place I want to be right now. Come on December!
Sorry for such a negative post, but I feel like my blog and journal are the only places I can say 100% what's on my mind!


Kaleena J. said...

I don't really like drinking, it seems like a pointless cycle. It was fun at first but it gets to the point where you drink, go to far, then get sick, and spend the next day miserable. What's the point? What's even more annoying is people not understanding that there is more substantial things to do besides mindless drinking every weekend. I myself like to do things in smaller groups. People's energies can have a big effect on you, and being around people like that can be draining (even if they are just being lazy, sleeping in).

Whenever I feel like my life is in a mess, I sort out what is a real problem and what is a made up problem. From there I see what I actually have control on.

Hope that helps :)

Katie said...

Hey Kaleena! That helps SO much! This year has been tough for a few reasons and my roommate and I have been having a lot of troubles. I definitely do need to look at what is real and made up because I know I'm being dramatic about some things. Thank you again for stopping by, it was nice to hear another voice about the matter!