Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cycling / Spinning

Guess what I've gotten into recently?! Actually it's not that recent, I think I started about 4 or 5 weeks ago. But it's cycling! They call it that at my school because we don't have certified spinning instructors, but it's basically the same thing. I love it!

It's such a big stress reliever for me. You get such a good workout and also sweat so much. One of my favorite parts about it are the playlists. I like to go on Wednesdays because the instructor is really great and she also has the best music.

They put on such motivating and pumping songs! In the middle of the workout there is usually a cool down song to get your heart rate down and the very first time I went, she played I Lived by OneRepublic. She told us to close our eyes and imagine a road in front of us. Then she wanted us to "bike" somewhere we wished we were and I pictured Boston! That was when I knew I definitely wanted to Transfer. It was so weird. Now I go to cycling every week because it really helps me think clearly.

What workouts do you do? I'm trying to try out more new things. Yesterday I went to an ab bootcamps. MISTAKE! Just kidding - I felt really good afterward, but jeez! Hardcore!


Shannon Boyce said...

Oh that is awesome! I love that you are cycling and really enjoying it :D

Katie said...

Thanks, Shannon! It's good to do something and have fun with it. I rarely find exercise fun, haha!