Wednesday, November 04, 2015


Ok, so I have a Link Love post planned with some links about this beautiful country, but I just wanted to post about it here real quick. A few days ago I became obsessed with Iceland. The school that I'm hopefully transferring to has an exchange program with the University of Iceland and that's where I found it. I don't know how I never really thought about Iceland in the past? It's simply amazing. I've decided that I'll either study there or even live there for a short time. I must go and I must go soon.

Here are just some screenshots from Google Maps! Google Maps! These aren't even pictures I searched - they are legit landscapes from Google Maps. Enjoy!


P.S. I will be posting more about Iceland, so prepare yourselves.


Lu Suito said...

lovely pictures!

lu | coco and louis

Shannon Boyce said...

What a great place! It looks so so gorgeous! Those pictures? Amazing!

Katie said...

Thanks, ladies!