Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I've been watching a lot of movies recently... not really sure why. I thought instead of doing a bunch of separate posts about each movie, I'd just make one with my thoughts on all the ones I've seen lately.

While We're Young
I saw this one at Target and read the back and thought it sounded so good! So I got Netflix to send me the DVD and I watched it yesterday. It was great! It reminded me of a Woody Allen movie. Sometimes I wanted it to speed up a little - sometimes it would just drag on during one scene and I was kind of like 'ok, come on...' but it was really good. 

Dirty Grandpa
Alright, alright. Have you seen it?? It's definitely stupid humor... but that happens to be one of my favorite movie categories. Neighbors, Sausage Party - I love them all. I thought it was so funny! The cast was perfect and it wasn't a terrible premise for a movie! Definitely a laugh.

Frances Ha
THIS MOVIE. Fantastic. I saw it on Netflix and was a little hesitant, but I watched it and fell in love. First off, it's in black and white. How awesome is that?? A modern movie in black and white. It was so casual, but it told a great story. I just loved every second of it. I definitely recommend a watch. I felt like it combined old-time movies with movies of today so well.

The Purge: Anarchy
I was a little late in the game on this one, but I finally watched it last week. I love scary movies, so I really like this one. I thought it was great that they used a poor family for the second one since they used a rich family for the first one. I really loved it!! I watched it with my dad the same day, and he liked it too. Now I just need to see the third!

What movies have you watched recently? I like watching movies every now and then. It gives you a break from binge watching some show you've seen 5 times already, you know?