Monday, August 29, 2016

Shopping day haul

Today I was super bored. All my friends went back to school, I'm not working anymore, so I needed to think of something to do so I'm not just sitting around! So... I did a mini shopping spree! I know I just did one of those a week or 2 ago, but most of this is actually for school/things I needed. (But also a lot of them are for fun ;)

First TJ Maxx! I got this tupperware bowl. I got this one because it's glass and it's meant for the microwave. I really needed a microwave safe tupperware container for work and for stealing food from the dining hall!

One of these water bottles. This isn't the Sip one, but it's another brand that I got for $10. It works great to me! more than $10 less than the real one and there is still no condensation and it keeps water cold for a long time. I love it! I almost didn't buy it, but I'm really glad I did.

 A journal! I'm almost finished with the journal I have now and I really like the Eccolo ones at TJs, so I wanted to get one before I go back to school. It says "Be creative, think freely, seize every opportunity, laugh out loud and often, make your heart sing, envision greatness, don't wait for tomorrow, today is the day."

And this is actually a little something for a friend! She loves elephants and coloring books, so I got her a canvas that you can color yourself. I think she'll love it, I can't wait to give it to her!

 Now, Target. Just a couple things here, but I still thought I'd share! I got this pillow case that I've had my eye on for SO long! It's reversible and it says "snooze" and "5 more minutes." Perfect for me, I'd say.

 And these push pins. I DIYed some cork boards a few weeks ago and I just needed some cute push pins to use with them. I'm excited about it!

Some wedges! I actually don't have any wedges and these were on sale for $8, so I said to myself why not! They're so cute and super comfy.

This is so random, but I had to go to the dollar store the other day for something and I found this B&W rug for just a dollar (obviously)! Can't go wrong, I'll just lay it in front of my bed or something. 

And that's all the interesting stuff! I got some more, but it's all folders or curtain rods and stuff. Yay, shopping!