Saturday, September 10, 2016

Life/comfort zone

So, my walk from each campus is longer now, giving me more time to think. I remember freshman year at my old college I went to a football game and I had a terrible time, so I spent the whole time thinking. I thought my whole life over. In those couple hours, I managed to think myself into a completely different mind. It was the weirdest thing. Another day, we had a snow day and I did do much thinking that day. I made so many decisions about my life, just with having the time to sit and think.

On these walks, I've been thinking about life. Am I playing life too safe? I do the same things everyday, I talk to the same people, I never go anywhere except for where I am, I've never done anything spectacular. Am I doing it right?? Should I feel this comfortable with my life?

I made another appointment with the study abroad office because I need to make a choice about going to Italy next semester. I'm running out of time and need to make a decision! My best friend decided to drop out of school, so I'm left with really nobody here that I talk to. I feel like that's a sign, you know? Maybe it is time to do something different. Leave the country for 4 months, enjoy Summer, and come back with a fresh mind, ready for senior year. Yes? No? I don't know.

I need to make my choice though. My ultimate choice is yes, but money is the problem. I'm going to ask more questions during my meeting, but I feel like I shouldn't pass this up. YOLO, right?

Photo of Rome, by Joe Boyle.