Friday, September 02, 2016

Transferring: thoughts (wordy post)

Schools are starting back up again and I just wanted to write a little something to all the incoming freshman about college. This reminds me of one of those Odyssey articles haha! I'm hoping it'll help someone out there.

Here is my college background: I chose a school in Massachusetts to do art therapy. It was fun, but my freshman year was hard. Within the first month, my roommate and only friend had asked to room with someone else, leaving me with a double room with only myself living there. My floor mates were rude, my RA was never around, and I still didn't really have any friends except for the ones in my ATPY classes. I started looking up schools to transfer to, most back in PA. Just anything to get away honestly. I even visited a few when I went home for breaks, but none really called out to me.

In November of that year, I started getting more involved in hopes of finding new friends and giving myself something to do. I found student activities and really liked it. I went to conferences in different states, I met my then-bestfriend through the club. It was great! Things started looking up during the second semester and I thought I had everything figured out for sophomore year.

When my second year rolled around, I moved in with my friend and we had fun for about a week and then she started partying and having boys over. Around the same time, they took away my student activities club and my ATPY friends were busy with other things. I felt like I was in the same boat as I was that first week of freshman year. I had one friend and she told me she as transferring a school in Cambridge, MA. I started looking it up and I even went with her to visit the school. I instantly fell in love! I talked to my dad, telling him I wanted to transfer again. He wasn't too happy, but I knew I needed to go. There was no way I could even finish the year at the school I had originally chosen. I hated it.

At the end of December, I picked up my things, moved out, said kiss my ass to all the people at my school and got out of there. In January I moved into my new school and since then I've never been happier. I kept it a secret from friends and family, so as not to get questions from people that I didn't feel like answering - "Aw, I thought you loved your school!" "Why are you transferring?"

SO! Here's what I'm saying: NOTHING IS PERMANENT. Don't be afraid to transfer! I wanted to transfer since my first week of freshman year. I always knew I was going to transfer at some point, I just didn't know where or when. I tried my best to get through it, and I did well with finding a club that I loved and a good friend, but things change and I definitely was not going to stay there.

It's all good! Don't be scared to talk to people about it. I ended up transferring farther away from home rather than closer and I will never regret it! Do what's best for you. You can't be unhappy for 4 years of your life. I wish I had found my new school sooner, but it worked out the way it did for a reason.

I just wanted to write this out because sometimes I wish that someone had told me all of this! Do what makes you happy.

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