Sunday, September 11, 2016


Last night I watched the documentary The Falling man and it was really intense, but also interesting. Maybe it's because I've been watching documentaries or maybe it's because I'm older, but I this year in particular I've been feeling really somber about 9/11. I'm always sad about it, but this year I also read and watched Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and maybe that's why? I'm not sure.

It's just so sad. It's so crazy. I've been thinking about what all those people must have felt at various times of the morning and it's incredible. The nervousness they must have felt and the decisions they had to make. That's why this picture really does mean so much.

This man had such an eventful life and such great people surrounding him all that time. He went through so much, had so many great experiences and firsts, and a few seconds before this picture was taken he had to make the decision of how he wanted it all to end.

So, so sad. It makes you think a lot, right? Hug someone today.