Wednesday, September 07, 2016

My piercings

I don't know why I haven't thought about doing this post before! I thought I would go through and tell you about all my piercings. Here we go!

On the left side:

Age - 12
Pain - 1/10
These were my first piercing! They was a birthday gift and I was super excited. This one didn't hurt AT ALL. I wish they all felt as good as that one did.

Age - 13
Pain - 2/10
These were also for a birthday! This was my second piercing and I was super excited for this one as well because I thought I was the cat's pajamas with my double piercings ;) 

Age - 16
Pain - 5/10
This was also for a birthday (clearly the only way to get a piercing that my parents approved of was to get it for a special occasion!). This was more painful than the others, but not terrible. I got it at Claire's, though. I wish that I would have done it with a needle rather than a gun. The most painful part was the week after/sleeping on it and stuff.

Age - 19
Pain - 6/10
I just got this one last year (not for a birthday)! I'm really happy with it. I got this one done at a tattoo shop in York because on the weekends they will do any piercing for $10 (so that's probably why I keep getting them)! The pain wasn't that bad, maybe because I got it done with a needle, I'm not sure. I think the friend that came with me almost passed out though! They stick the long needle in and leave it there while they get the earring. She was so freaked out by that! I closed my eyes though ;)

Now for the right side:

High lobe/low cartilage:
Age - 18
Pain - 5/10
It's super tiny, you might not even be able to see it. I got this one on a whim because my friend went to Piercing Pagoda to get her doubles done and I was like why not! It was so last minute. It's so small, it'll never really matter though. This was similar to the cartilage in that I got it done with a gun and the most painful part was sleeping on it for a week.

Age - 20
Pain - 8/10
This one was definitely the most painful for me. Not unbearable by any means, but it hurt AND since it's right in your ear, you can hear everything that's happening. Yep - I could hear the crunch when they put the needle in. So gross! I got this one about a month ago at the $10 place and I was hoping they would use a stud rather than a hoop, so I was kind of bummed about that. It's growing on me, though. I was really excited for this one and I was growing impatient so I texted my friend and was just like "I'm picking you up in 5 and we're going!"

And those are all of them (for now)! What do you have? What was your most painful one?