Friday, February 24, 2017

Europe pt. 3: Venice, Italy

So... in all honesty, Venice was kind of a shit show. It was beautiful in the beginning! And then 1 person had to go to the hospital because he got some kind of viral infection, then another girl had to go because her knee got all inflamed and she couldn't walk, and then another girl had to go because her room had bed bugs, so she had bites all over her face and they had to move everyone out. It also poured the ENTIRE time - the only time it didn't was when we first got there. It was NUTS.

I'd really like to go back to Venice some time, but only when I know for a fact that it's going to be sunny haha! In all honesty, it wasn't all I imagined it to be. Yes, the water is so beautiful and unique and it's really interesting to be somewhere that doesn't have cars, but it just wasn't that fantastic. It's crazy expensive and you really have to search for places that aren't tourist traps. The food isn't even that good because they can't make pizza like they do everywhere else in Italy since woodturning ovens were banned there.

Maybe it's just because the whole trip went downhill the whole weekend or that the rain really bummed me out, but i wish I had better things to say about the city. It was definitely amazing - no doubt about that!

Have you been? What were your thoughts? Sorry to totally diss Venice. I feel like this post sounded super ungrateful of me, but don't get the wrong impression! It was still an unforgettable and fantastic trip that I'll tell stories about it forever.