Monday, February 13, 2017

The 'oh shit' phase

So, the other day we had a counselor come in and talk to us about the phases of studying abroad and culture shock. There's the honeymoon phase, followed by what he called the 'oh shit' phase. I feel like I'm definitely still in the honeymoon phase because every time I walk outside I'm super amazed at everything! However, I also am starting to feel down a lot. I realize that I shouldn't- I mean I'm in ITALY for Pete's sake! I just miss home, but even weirder than that, I miss Boston! I really miss my school and my friends and roommates. I'm telling myself it's only for a semester and it'll fly by so I need to make the most of it! I totally am, it's just I've felt more down than normal lately. You know?

Everything is fine, I just wanted to express some emotions! I still do things like watch Netflix, go on walks, and write in my journal. I like to do those just as a way to show myself it's not totally different than being home. I start classes today and my internship on Wednesday! I'm pretty nervous, but I'm excited to get into a routine.

I thought I'd post some pictures of things and moments from back home that I've been missing: 

Nights in my cozy dorm with tea and scrolling through Flickr.

Days of wandering around Boston and shopping at Primark with my friend, Colleen.

My mom.

My roomie at school that I feel incredibly lucky to have in my life.

My adventure buddy, Alexandra, who I wish was here with my every single day.

My cute dog, Charlie.

I hope you're all doing well! Cheers to you on this Monday.