Thursday, February 09, 2017

Life is good

What's up! Thought I'd pop in and say I'm doing well, since I'm currently procrastinating on studying for my Italian final. I love Italy so much - I constantly pinch myself that I'm really here and doing all this. Everything is so well planned out that I haven't felt anxious at all, which is pretty amazing. Yesterday I went to a wine tasting in a castle in Tuscany, last weekend I went to Venice for 3 days, tomorrow I move into my apartment in Rome. It's so amazing, I really can't put it into words how lucky and happy I am!

This photo is from my trip to Venice! I would talk so much more about it, but I don't even think any amount of words can describe my feelings and these beautiful cities. I'm still going to post photos from each place, but it takes forever to upload them all on the blog! Let's hope for better wifi in the apartment. Worst comes to worst, I'll just post when I get back to the states in May!

I'll continue to post every now and then though. This blog is still huge part of me and will always be a source of comfort! I hope you're all doing well! Tell me about your life!

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Shannon Boyce said...

What a gorgeous place! I hope the studying goes well!