Friday, February 10, 2017

He will not divide us (still)

Sorry I bring this up super often, but it's something I've really cared about! The idea as well as the art. Did anyone see that they shut down the #HeWillNotDivideUs? It shocked me so much. They took down everything: the words off the wall and the camera itself. I'm actually really upset about it! I was really really looking forward to driving up to Astoria in May when I'm back in the states and just spending a day chanting. Now I'll never get to! It was really reassuring that the livestream was happening for 4 years and it was taken down less than a month after it was put up.

I'm hoping it's put back up sometime in the future after the whole thing cools down a bit. We'll see though. I'm sad about the whole thing but I'm also a little sad at how much it's making me sad haha! It was just really comforting for me to watch. I watched it at home before I left and it made me happy to watch while in Italy because of that reason. I get that it was becoming violent, but it was also really full of positivity and togetherness.

What are your thoughts!

P.S. I moved into my apartment in Rome tonight and it's cute as heck! I'll post pictures ASAP!