Tuesday, February 09, 2016

1,000th post

This is my 1,000th post! I can't believe that! 1,000 thoughts, memories, photos, quotes, links, rants... I've done a lot on this blog. I love writing on here - even more so recently. There's always something on my mind and whether it be sharing a 4 paragraph rant or just a few pretty pictures I find on Flickr, I love posting it all out on here. This blog is almost like my safe-haven. No matter where I am, coming on here and reading some blogs or posting about my day makes me feel so happy. I love that I can write whatever I feel because it always makes a weight lift off my shoulders.

I'm going to keep going with this for as long as I can just because it's fun. Even when I take really long breaks from blogging, I always want to come back to it just because it makes me feel good. It's like my online journal. That's also why I want to start taking more pictures and posting them on here! I love looking back through my archives and seeing all the memories and thoughts I had from years ago.

(Photo from my Instagram)

Anyway, thank you to anyone that reads this blog or even checks in! I used to do it because I wanted a lot of followers (self-centered much?!), but now I do it because it makes me happy. I like to make this blog look beautiful and put care and time into it just because I want to, not because I have to. 

Here's to blogging! I love you all! Happy 1,000th post!


Hanz R said...

congrats girl! such exciting news i love posting onmy blog too!!

Katie said...

Yay blogs! Thanks for stopping by!