Saturday, February 13, 2016

Obsessed with

It's been SO long since I've done one of these posts! So here we go...

I love websites like this where you can listen to rain or wind. Rain is so comforting and sometimes I wish it did it more, so it's fun to turn this on. Also, I recently got an app called Sleep Well and it gives you sleep therapy. I turn it on when I wake up during the night and can't fall back asleep and it works magic!

{Devon Werkheiser's Life Survival Guide}
Have you heard of this? "Ned Bigby" is coming out with a little YouTube show where instead of showing us how to survive middle school, he's giving us life tips! I've watched the first episode and it's pretty god actually! I miss this guy - I'm glad he's doing something else with his childhood career ;)

{Nikon DSLR Accessory Kit}
I've had my Nikon for a while now, but I just came across this kit and I WANT it! I've wanted the tomography lens for quite some time, but all of these other accessories for $70?! Yes!

{Drop the Game by Chet Faker}
I've been playing this song over and over and over.

{Cambridge, MA}
(Photo by me - Nikon D3100)
I still can't believe I live here! Every time I have a hard day or am stressed out, I just remember where I am and I get so happy! I can always (well, usually) set aside whatever I'm doing and head over into the city for a day all to myself. It feels good!

They're so cozy and I love the pattern. They're huge and you can wear them so many different ways! I also recently got a sweater from Primark and I've worn it 3 days in a row...

{Peaches by In The Valley Below}

A friend showed me this song because she became obsessed with it when the movie Endless Love come out (great movie!) and ever since then it's been on repeat for us. It's a great song to play when the weather is warm and you can roll down your car windows and just blast it. I love it!

{Formation by Beyonce}

OBSESSED. Can we talk about how I memorized all the words in about 1 day? I've been listening to this non stop and hearing her sing it at the Super Bowl... yes! My friend and I are trying to get tickets to see her in June. Fingers crossed!

year ago. and some things that haven't changed.

The simplicity is so beautiful. All of her pictures are amazing, but I wanted to keep it short. I'll post more another day!

{Troye Sivan}
I really loved his song Happy Little Pill when it first came out and then I kind of forgot about him. Recently my friend re-introduced him to me and I love him and his music!

You guys! This girl is so funny. You have to check out her videos about dating strangers online. I laugh so hard! She meets up with people from Tinder and OK Cupid and all that and films her dates. Agh, it's great. I really love this one:

Sorry that was a lot of videos and music! I've been online a lot :P What are you currently obsessed with? Send me the link - I'd love to read up on it! I'm always looking for something new to obsess over ;)