Friday, February 05, 2016

Mini currently

I was going to title the post currently, but I thought that would be confusing :P Anyway, today it's snowing cats and dogs (?) in Boston and I had one 8 am, but my second class today was cancelled! I've been so out and about lately, busy with homework and scheduling problems, I think I'm going to take today to completely chill out. Gilmore Girls and hot chocolate all the way. Snow days are great! I'm just not looking forward to the 15 minute walk back to my house...

And how pretty is this picture by wildheather, on Flickr? My roommate loves hot tea and makes a pot of it usually every night. It's so sweet, I love her!


Shannon Boyce said...

Gilmore Girls is the best way to spend a day!

Katie said...

That it is, Shannon!