Thursday, February 04, 2016

Moleskine party

I've done a lot this week and I'm going to try to document more! So here's one thing I did about a week ago that was really exciting.

My friend and I were walking around Cambridge, shopping and drinking coffee. As we were walking, we noticed a Moleskine store and I forced her to go in because I love them. We went in and looked around and made a lot of conversation with the lady that works there. It turns out, that Moleskine store has only been there for a couple weeks and she was handing out invitations to select people to come to their opening party from 6-9!

As you probably guessed, we were invited. We went and had a great time! They had drinks, raffles, local artists, a handwriting reader, and the whole store was 20% off. It's really rare for Moleskine's to be on sale, so of course I took advantage of that deal. I got myself a small notebook and then they gave me a free pen. (I'm still a broke college student, so I couldn't exactly go all out.)

I didn't take any pictures of the actual event, but here are some things I got and the invitation.

I love that, living here, I have so many opportunities all around me. Just walking through town and I was invited to a Moleskine party. Pretty cool!