Monday, February 29, 2016

Share a snapshot

(Picture by me, taken August 30, 2015)

This past Summer was so much fun! I loved how busy I was all the time, dressing up for work and then coming home and changing into comfy clothes, eating, hanging with friends, painting my room. The days were so long, but also went so quickly! Towards the end of the Summer I was so busy all the time, taking my days off to re-do my room and pack for school. I've been thinking about how sad I am that we moved and I'll never get to see that room again.

I worked so hard doing it and ended up loving it. I should have re-done it years earlier so I had more time to enjoy it, but I kept putting it off. Once I thought we were taking our home off the market, I figured I'd really make my room my own, and I did. This picture was done the day I finally finished the whole project and it really brings back a lot of thoughts and emotions for me. 

I'm missing my room, my job, and my house a lot right now. Hopefully we'll find a new place to live by the time next Summer comes. I feel like I don't really have a "home" right now. I'm still getting used to Boston and in PA we don't really have a permanent place. It's a little overwhelming and sad.

PS. What are you doing with your extra day of the year?! Happy Leap Day!