Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016 goals

I'm a little late in the game, but I was thinking about how happy I am in this new environment. I feel like I want to change my life for the better all together. I found this picture and I thought it was awesome:

So here are just some goals I want to set for myself for at least the rest of the school year...

Food: I want to eat healthier. Not that I want to be insanely strict about anything, but the food at my school is super healthy, but I always find myself getting burgers, pizza, and fries. Even at the dining hall, I usually get multiple servings and then too much desert. I just want to portion myself better and make better choices. Oh! And I want to drink more water.

Exercise: I've only been to the gym a few times, but whenever I go I feel so good. I want to go more! I also want to go to the yoga classes they offer on Thursdays. And that's pretty much that!

Mind: I'd like to read more! I've actually been doing well with this one. I used to watch Netflix all the time, but now I'm trying to replace that with a book. I've been watching all of my reality shows, so I haven't really had time to watch anything else. I try to read everyday at some point.

Friends: This year I really need to focus on just being around positive people. My mistake last year was that I was around too many negative people and it really effected me. I'm trying to do better with this, but I'm finding it hard. I'm still finding friends here and I also need to find some people to live with next year. I'm a little challenged with this, but i'm working on it.

Life: Basically, I just want to experience more. I've been giving myself the excuse that it's cold out, so I don't want to venture out too much. I think I've been doing well with going out when I'm bored and everything. I want to take more pictures, go on more walks, and spend less time behind my computer screen. When I am on my computer, I want to sit at my desk and not lay on my bed. The little things!

How about you? I'm sure you wrote about this in the beginning of the year, so send me your links! I'd love to have a read on your goals as well.